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The name ‘Inkedwood’ came about one day when I was out walking and thinking about my relatively new hobby of ‘tattooing’ wood. Primarily my walking stick! I was musing on how I might develop the idea and as I was in the ‘web development business’ at the time I immediately wanted to secure a domain ‘just in case’.

Then, in March 2020 (euphemistically referred to as ‘Lockdown One’) I was walking with my wife Catherine and (as always) taking photos and generally extolling the virtues of the surroundings, when she told me that there may be people who couldn’t get out walking (or even outside in a garden or a park) and that they wouldn’t be as amused or delighted as I was to see and read about our fantastic exploits on Facebook (this is where I have historically recorded great walks we’ve done and posted photo galleries of the same). I was aware that one of my best mates, Mike Crome, used a BLOG (https://cromesstateofplay.wordpress.com) to disseminate his ideas and musings. It was one I found particularly interesting and amusing and was, more importantly at the time, an ‘optional read’. This seemed to me to be the perfect way for me to store accounts of walks past and present as well as gather other personal thoughts and ideas and share them with friends.

Well, ‘Lockdowns’ came and went and I became more and more aware that many people simply don’t walk because they don’t know where to go! Some of my ‘Facebook Friends’ asked to see maps of walks which they liked the look of and I found that people were keen to try them for themselves.

We are currently in ‘Lockdown Three’ (February 2021) and the need to get outside and walk (exercise) becomes more and more important as other options are denied us. This urged me to, at least, publish links to routes for others to enjoy (although the BLOG is not complete. 

This is a personal journey which I’d love to share but am aware that there may be errors in the content so please let me know if you spot anything which need correcting.


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