On any ordinary day this walk would just be another lockdown local hike


For exercise mainly, keeping fit for when we are allowed to move around the country and walk wherever we want to.

Today however, is different. Catherine and I were invited for our COVID Vaccination at the surgery in Terrington St John. So, we planned a 7 mile round trip (with a slightly earlier start than our other ‘lockdown walks’)!

We arrived a little early at 08.45 and went straight into the large poly tunnel they’ve erected for mass vaccinations. A few questions while removing my jacket, a completely painless jab and a 15 minute wait to check for adverse reactions (Anaphylaxis etc) then back on the road to home. Nothing could be simpler or more life changing.

We both feel so grateful, humbled to be in this position – we move forwards towards Spring, Summer and lots of lovely safe hiking (who knows even a pint in the pub sometime too 🙂

The route – COVID Vaccination Walk