February 2022 we received an invitation to walk and stay near Ingleton in Yorkshire. Predictably, the weather was ‘challenging’! Although we did experience some sunny spells there was rain and there was definitely wind… lots of wind!

First hike was the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. What a fantastic time to do this one! Lots of rain meant the falls were all spectacular and walking between them was delightful (although quite steep at times).

Second day was ‘a bit of a hike’. I had previously boasted of climbing one of the Three Yorkshire Peaks – Great Whernside. That is however incorrect! Catherine and I DID climb Great Whernside but despite its name, it IS NOT the highest of the Three Yorkshire Peaks… that accolade belongs to Whernside which is approx 30 meters higher :-o. The route…

Before we set off I checked the weather with MWIS. They predicted 60 MPH winds between 700 and 800 metres with a wind chill of -14C!!! They were right :-o. The way up was a gradual climb over several miles which led us onto the ridge where we stopped for food and drink. It was on the dangerous side of chilly up there so lunch was brief. The way down was much steeper and therefore quicker, however all the paths we travelled that day were magnificent, paved and very well maintained!

Finally the inevitable happened… we found a great pub (or brewery to be exact)… Kirby Lonsdale Brewery – EXCELLENT 🙂