Carved walking stick on OS Map

As mentioned in another blog post was conceived as a platform for Walking Stick engraving/tatooing. When I thought of launching this ‘walking blog’ however, it seemed reasonable that would be just as suited to this purpose. Hence everything is under one roof (or URL!).

The ‘tattooing’ was just a random thing which happened when I picked up an engraving tool I’d been given many years ago (1990s – Simon Weedon?). I found that cutting through the varnished wood then ‘inking’ the design produced a very satisfactory outcome (subjective I know!).

Well… lockdown 1 came along and Catherine and I decided to pollard a row of substantial trees in our garden (March 2020)… we’re now in lockdown 3 and I’ve taken up wood carving (all the nicely shaped tree branches I saved from the pollarding). It’s partly a consequence of staying home with little else to do, semi retirement too but mostly wood carving fulfils a creative need (I also illustrate, draw cartoons, build things etc etc). Setting to with knives (and now a Dremel Stylo tool with 100s of accessories!!) means I can lose myself for hours in my man cave and hopefully create something interesting.

I have only finished a few carved sticks so far and for friends but have had offers from folks who want to buy them so who knows… lockdown 4 and 5… maybe a commercial enterprise with an Etsy or Numonday online presence 😮

The images below show various stages of finished projects or work in progress.