This walk is best from early spring to late autumn as it can get a bit muddy in places. Having said that I have occasionally enjoyed it on a crisp winters day too. It’s also a route with no less than FOUR great pubs enroute. I have yet to try all of them on one expedition but maybe when lockdown is over 🙂

I usually park near The Black Horse pub in Castle Rising (down past the almshouses (where the witches live :-0)

Following the road around ‘Onion Corner’ (in spring you can smell the wild garlic – hence the name). The route then follows the River Babingley eventually looping around to Congham Wood (Henry Bellingham’s estate). After exiting the estate a country lane leads you to the Anvil in Congham. Then the walk goes on to Grimston and right past (or into 🙂 The Three Horseshoes pub. If you manage to get past this pub you simple have to continue through the village where you’ll see the Union Jack pub in Roydon. from there you can ‘stagger’ the rest of the way back to the Black Horse in Castle Rising (all this of course if you’re not the driver who’s parked by the almshouses :-0. Editors note: this walk is 10 miles so be careful if you plan to visit all the pubs in one excursion!!

Castle Rising, Hillington and Roydon 10 Miles